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q What is the difference between crewed private yachts and cruise ships?

aIn a private yacht you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, with greater privacy. The crew is totally dedicated to you and your guests and the size of the vessel allows you to browse anywhere and anchor in places accessible only to smaller sized yachts. The cruise ship has a pre-defined schedule, and by having larger dimensions, docks only at the major ports. You will share the ship with many passengers and will not enjoy the same privacy and exclusivity you would in a private charter.

qAre children allowed on yacht charters?

aMany charters can be arranged for family vacations, but remember that you are responsible for safety and conduct of children on board. The crew is responsible for the yacht and for navigation and cannot take care of children. But some yachts offer more structure crew dedicated to caring for and promoting activities for children. Please contact us.

q Are pets allowed on board?

aIn most yachts, pets are not allowed on board. Worth checking out this item before hire.

q Can I give menu suggestions to the crew during the charter?

aBefore your departure, we will send a list of preferences to be filled out by you. This way, the crew will know your preferences and will be in a position to satisfy you.

qIs it possible to use the internet during the charter?

aMost yachts today have Wi-Fi. Make sure when choosing your yacht.

qDoes Interpoint Private Charter provides transportation from the airport to the yacht?

aThe captain of the yacht can arrange your transportation from the airport to the yacht. This is a service not included in the contract, so it should be asked for before the hire. Please contact us.

qCan I practice scuba diving during the trip?

aSome yachts have a diving instructor on board and offer complete equipment. Open Water Certificate Diver is required. If you intend to dive, look for a diving school to acquire your certificate.

q Can the water toys and equipment be used by everyone or you need some kind of certification/license for doing so?

aAll equipment is available for customer use. The crew can help or teach people to use them. However, diving and use of jet ski you must have a valid certification.

q Who should I contact in case of problems inside the yacht (or health-related discomfort)?

aThe crew is ready to assist you in different situations on board. In this case, talk directly to the captain and let him know about the situation.

qIn case of medical emergency during the charter, what is the protocol to be followed by the crew?

aThe crew is trained in first aid. While the procedures are done in an emergency, the captain sends distress call by radio. The fact that the navigation/charter generally happens next to the coastline, it facilitates the process in ideal conditions.

q Is there a pre-defined time for returning to the boat when we are docked? Is it required for us to remain in the yacht overnight?

aNo. You are free to enjoy your trip by making your own schedule. Just make sure to inform the crew about your decisions to leave the yacht or not at certain points during the trip.

qWhat kinds of baggage are ideal or recommended for a charter?

aPreferably the baggage must be made of a flexible a durable material.