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The Very Best!

Comparing all of the great luxuries in life, Yacht Charter, in our opinion, undoubtedly comes out first. You must be thinking, of course we would say that, wouldn't we? But actually, this is not just our opinion, it may be yours too! What other occasion could you combine astronomical high standards of comfort, service and world class cuisine with the unique ability to look at a new breathtaking view practically every moment?
Cote D 'Azur, Costa Smeralda, Croatia, Greece, among many destinations we provide in the world, are incomparably better when explored by sea.
At a time when value is the key word, the private yacht charter comes first simply because the yacht owners tend to create and enjoy the best of the best for themselves. The standards rises every year and the options are mesmerising.

Fortunately, Interpoint Private Charter offers options on the finest and modern yachts in the world, Motor Yachts, Sail Yachts, classical and contemporary, from Catamarans to Mega Yachts, the options are available so you can experience the world the way suits you best, your way!